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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Corporate Health Tips Vol. 1

It's often hard enough to deal with stress in our own lives without taking it to the office with us. Here are a few tips to de-stress on the job. First off remember to stretch. You should get up and move around at least every 50 minutes. Take a walk around the office, go up and down the stairs, walk around the outside of the building. Do things to take care of yourself in that moment. Here are a few of my favorite stretches.

Do this frequently to help those hardworking computer arms. 

And then flip your hand over and do it the other way. Hold for 30 seconds on each arm with each stretch. 

As well as taking time to move about and stretch, make sure you're getting enough water. Often times that afternoon slump has nothing to do with needing more coffee or another doughnut. It has to do with drinking some water, taking some deep breaths and having a small amount of protein. Remember that starting your day with just carbohydrates and caffeine is not going to fuel you for the rest of the day. You need to start out with a good wholesome breakfast of protein, fats and carbohydrates. And I'm not sure who decided the breakfast had to be a breakfast food. Often times I will have leftover meal from last night such as a pork chop or a piece of fish. One of my favorite breakfasts is mixed greens with a drizzle of olive oil with a crab cake, with an egg on top. Fabulous and sustaining.

Another thing to help you get through your day is to remember to do your meditation. I'm not talking about the sit on a pillow meditation though if you enjoy doing that please do it. I'm talking about those mini meditations that I've been teaching to millions. Concentrate on your breath. The rise and fall of your chest. On the inhale think "I am" and on the exhale think "at peace". And repeat as many times as you can. This brings you back to the present moment, shuts out those negative thoughts and allows you to focus more clearly. It boosts our memory and cognitive function. Studies show people who are less stressed at work are more productive, make more sales, communicate better and have less absenteeism. Who wouldn't want all that? And if you can get it from that simple meditation why not?

My last tip simply has to do with where you place your focus. We have a choice of where we put our attention with every given moment. I have had so many people in my office complain about their jobs, their bosses or their coworkers. You probably can’t just quit so I say focus on something positive. Maybe it's the view from your window, maybe it's the coworker who you really like to joke with, maybe it's simply the paycheck or the health insurance. Showing up someplace every day and focusing on the negative is not going to help the situation. You will find yourself resentful, missing work more, and getting sick more frequently. Find something positive to focus on and see how your day changes. And since that will make you nicer maybe you will be treated differently as well. I hope these tips help, look for more office tips in the near future. And look for my upcoming corporate health programs and how I can come to your company to help you be healthier.  

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