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Thursday, January 15, 2015

3 Actions Happy People Do Every Day

I had the privilege of learning about Laughter Yoga at Harvard and then again at the 2014 ANMA Conference with Brittney. I asked her to write a post because I loved her energy and passion for educating others about Laughter Yoga, living life to its fullest and her great knowledge. We had a blast. Please enjoy her guest post and check out her info at the bottom. 

And keep on laughing!   
Laughter is truly the best medicine. Me and my husband. 

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you must make the decision – is today going to be good or bad?  I often awake with the thought, “How can today unfold better than I ever imagine?” Thankfully inspired by a dear friend and B.E.S.T Life Coach, Martha O’Reagan.  She mentioned that when we begin each day or each big event in our life with this question we open up the possibility to allow it to unfold as such – better than we ever imagined. 

One such day, I awoke and asked this question and later received the idea to create a 30 Days of Happiness online program that offers my clients the ability to receive inspiration into their inbox, daily.  I took action on this idea and am thrilled with the results.

Through the creation of this program I have been researching happiness and ways that we can incorporate it more into our lives.  Enjoy this list of three actions that happy people do everyday.

1. Happy People Are Grateful.
One of the unique aspects I have learned is that most people who seem naturally happy are genuinely grateful.  You may begin this simply by offering gratitude each day spoken to yourself while looking at your reflection in the mirror. Enjoy what you have now and express your gratitude. Write down three things about your life and all that you have in it - all that you are grateful for.  The more you show gratitude toward what you have now the more you will begin to want less and find that you have all you need in this moment.

2. Happy People Remember The Good Times.
Keep a journal of one positive event that happened each day.  This may be placed under your list of gratitude’s.  Often we make the mistake of giving the negative aspects of our day the most attention. Begin shifting your vision by writing down a positive experience. The act of writing makes the experience more real for us. We will have the simple pleasure of going back after a year and reading every good aspect of our lives.

3. Happy People Move and Laugh
When we move our body we open our mind. Exercise naturally releases endorphins that make us feel good.  Aside from the already spectacular benefits of exercise we begin to notice our physical body and appreciate it more as we move. Like exercise, laughter releases endorphins – which create a positive state of the mind and boost optimism.  When we laugh we not only feed our body with life giving oxygen, we help our body to heal through the boost in our immune system as laughter increases the levels of anti-viral cells. Laughter increases the levels of immunoglobulin A (IgA) that is the first line of defense protecting us against viral infections such as the common cold.

A wonderful way to exercise laughter in a group setting is through Laughter Yoga.  Cardiologist, Dr. Madan Kataria in 1995, created Laughter Yoga.  What began with a small group laughing at jokes became a worldwide practice utilizing breath, child-like playfulness, clapping, and eye contact within a group. The simple act of unconditional laughter within a group helps activate compassion, connection, and helpfulness while participants actively seek the happiness of others. Laughter Yoga was developed as a simple and fun way to spread peace.

I invite you to attempt one of these steps daily and begin to notice how you feel after just one week.  I trust the simple act of awakening to a new day will seem brighter and happier.

Brittany Hiller

Brittney Hiller is known as one of the happiest yogini’s. Certified in Laughter Yoga and a Registered Yoga Instructor with over 1000 hours of teaching, she is delighted to share her love of yoga with others. As a Licensed Massage Therapist she offers a simple understanding of anatomy during her classes. Learn more about Laughter Yoga, 30 Days of Happiness, and Brittney here: www.brittneyhilleryoga.com

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